Saturday, 26 July 2014

Check mate

Top: New Look// Skirt: New Look// Shoes: Nike// Clutch: Fashion Union// Necklace: vintage
Photos c/o Mae Reddaway

I started my new job as an Account Executive for a Marketing Agency this week. Barr the 6am starts, I've been loving the new Manchester life, the work and the working week. Now I'm officially an adult, I've been drinking fresh juices on the morning commute, doing smart/casual office wear and trying to grow up. It's going well so far, I'm trying to model myself of Carrie from SATC although I guess that means I'm building myself up to fail. 

My only problem is the cost of travelling in each day, so if any of you know anyone living in Manchester who needs a flatmate, let me know. After a few months I'll be starting the 'flat hunt', but I'll have to find somewhere with a big enough wardrobe for all my clothes! (just kidding)

This is an outfit the lovely Mae snapped for me before I left uni (sob) and although it's pretty basic, I think it's spot on for evening wear with all this hot weather we've been having. The skirt has been a staple for me since May, but I think it can work from day to night, just make sure you contrast its close style with a long shirt or tunic style top. I've been wearing it with a drop vest style top in the day and sling back espadrilles (which I'll feature in my next outfit post).

I love the trainer trend which has stubbornly stayed on trend since last year, I've been wearing my beloved Nikes when I can, they go brilliantly with dresses, cut offs and ankle grazer jeans. I'll keep you updated on my work wear diary, I'm looking for a photographer in Manchester to snap me once a week, so if any of you out there know any lovely DSLR-using photographers, please let me know! 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Ripped knees and Jungle themed

Top: New Look// Jeans: ASOS// Shoes: New Look// Necklace: Next (Photos c/o Mae Reddaway)
It was pretty dull outside the day these photos were taken, so I decided to try and brighten things up by wearing a couple of new purchases from New Look. I've always shopped in the store, but it's definitely become a firm favourite of late as New Look's collections become increasingly wearable and hit all the trends head on. As I've explained previously, I'm attempting to inject a little more colour into my wardrobe and this parrot print top has been a god send. The print, reminiscent of Moncler Gamme Rouge's SS14 collection brings a little joy to any wardrobe and the button down front makes this such an easy to wear piece. On my recent holiday I unbuttoned it and used it as a cami style cover up, on top of a plain navy blue vest top.

Whilst shopping, I couldn't resist these amazing shoes, I've always longed for a pair of white heels which I could actually walk in. Don't get me wrong, I'm a dab hand with heels, but being 5'8 I try not to tower over everyone in four inch monsters. These practical shoes are perfect for everyday and look sweet with dresses or jeans - I even tackled Lancaster cobbles in them (and won!)

The jeans are one of my favourite purchases of the moment. EVERYONE is wearing ripped knee jeans. Formerly the choice of stylists or the Olsen twins, since they landed in Toppers, ripped knees have become this season's trouser. I love the skintight look of the ripped knees on the high street, however they weren't the most versatile trew I've worn, so I was delighted to find these ASOS beauts on ebay for a cheeky ten quid.

Having not exercised for a while (Any Nantwich Netball teams around?) I really appreciate the high waisted style of these jeans and the mottled blue dye goes with pretty much everything. Although I'm a bit of a cheap skate when it comes to clothes, I'd have definitely purchased these at any price, I've worn and worn them already, making these beauts a bit of a bargain.

Back in Lancaster for graduation this week - more photos to follow!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

All the Day and All of the Night

University is finally at an end and I can get back to blogging. The last post I wrote for Hemlines&Holdups was in April and time has flown since then. I've sat my exams and got my results (2.1 in case you're wondering - yippie!) and graduation is just around the corner. Another week and I'll be starting work in Manchester as a Junior Account Executive and life as a fully-fledged real grown up. Although I'm gutted to leave Lancaster and the student bubble, life is currently very busy and pretty exciting, so I've not had too much time to dwell on my fading youth (sigh), which I guess is a good thing.

Although I'm heading into work, I wont be making the transition to Joseph blouses, cigarette trousers and 'less is more' just yet. In fact, a friend told me recently that my wardrobe was severely lacking colour. Even though I tried to ignore this annoying, yet irrevocably true fact, it's got under my newly-sun tanned skin and I'm going to have to do something about it. Therefore, subconsciously or not I've been adding a little more colour to my wardrobe, slowly breaking up the blacks, navy blues and greys. Anyhow, in the spirit of rainbow hues, I thought I'd share my last little project as Fashion Editor of the student newspaper with you. Lancaster University's SCAN (Student, Comment and News) Fashion section has been my baby for the last year and probably explains my blogging hiatus. Juggling the bi-weekly publication and a dissertation is a mean feat, so unfortunately something had to give. However, my time as editor is at an end (sob) but the last project was truly exciting. 

With the help of a few vintage shops in Lancaster and the wonderful photographic genius that is Mae Reddaway, I put together a photo shoot on campus to celebrate the university's 50th Anniversary. Opened in 1964, the concept behind the shoot was everything '60s and I just love the result of the team's hard work. 

Photos c/o Mae Reddaway 

For a peek at the other snaps, take a look at the SCAN website
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