Friday, 18 April 2014

10 things I wish I could afford...

I'm currently sat on the train on my way back to Lancaster for a couple of days of study in the Library. Home life is great, until you actually want to get any work done. Anyway, as excellent fuel for procrastination, I thought I'd use my time effectively to have a moan about all the things I want to buy and wear this season which, being a poor student, I can't afford.

Currently, my pockets contain, an old hair bobble, a clean tissue and some pennies which, ironically will never amount to anything; they've not seen the light of day in a long time. My pockets also unfortunately resemble my current bank balance which, at the end of three years at uni, is looking rather pathetic. So please, let me take this moment to wallow in my self pity, regretting the takeaways and drinks I've frittered my pounds away on and tell you what I would buy if my current account allowed it:


Everyone is going clinical for summer. By that I don't mean they're having dental treatments or liposuction for the summer months, although many undoubtedly will be, but rather bloggers, vloggers and celebs are wearing white. Now I don't know about you, but the thought of dressing in white fills me with fear. The colour comes with a warning notice, beware, put me on and I will show the world all the muck you live in. Foundation finger marks run amok on white skinnies, dinner dribbles poke fun at you from the front of shirts. Even creases seem one hundred times worse on white blazers, shirts and skirts. But when high fashion calls, what's a girl to do? My excuse is the cost of replacing said white items once you've mucked them up and I, being the clumsy, messy girl I am know that a loan wouldn't cover the damage I'd do to my bright whites. Yes, I'd love to own some gorgeous white skinnies, a crop top, or even some white loafers care of CK, but real life isn't LA or even Coachella. Life is Glastonbury and Bolton town center on a Saturday and therefore, such items would be totally impractical. 

Two Pieces 

If I was a size 6 with a bikini bod I'd go into my overdraft for one of these beauties, a patterned two piece in paisley would be ideal for the *hot*, summer months. Alas, I'm not, so I shan't. However, after just discovering Depop, a fab new app where the fashionable can sell their unwanted pieces as bargain prices, my feed has been inundated with custom made two pieces to suit any shape and size. For 22 quid, I can have my own shorts/skirt and crop top number crafted for me in a variety of materials, a great deal and one which I shall definitely partake in when my funds are restored. In the meantime, I'm avoiding toppers, river island and the like, their two pieces are fab and fit well, but standing next to a size 6 blonde in the same outfit, I'm bound to look like a heffalump. I'd rather find something a little more unusual than stay mainstream.

Wooden Sunnies

everyone is mad for them and the sun's not even out yet! page after page of these 'crazy' specs have appeared in fashion mags everywhere. is it just me, or is this trend not so special? They're just sunglasses made from wood. It's not really that new and they don't look that different from standard specs anyway. This sniffy response to fashion's latest love would be flipped on its head if I actually owned a pair of these glasses, however I don't and I wont. If you're really going to get excited about a look that's as transient as Casper, whilst also resembling a Flintstones-style accessory, then a least go for a designer pair, a la Bodi or Finlay & co. 

Nike Liberty Trainers 

This season it's all about the streamlined sports look and designers are desperate to colaborate with the biggest sports brand in the industry. I'm incredibly excited for the Adidas range designed by Mary Katrantzou, which will be hitting the high street in the near future. in the meantime, someone, anyone, buy me a pair of the liberty print Nikes? gorgeous prints teamed with brown rope-style laces, these trainers are the epitome of impractical footwear. i would neither run nor walk in the beauties, heck they'd probably never leave the box! Regardless, the fabulous design of these trainers makes them more of a work of art, than your bog standard pair of running shoes. The design offers your feet bags of support, making them the most sensible and most stylish shoes on the market.

For Love & Lemons clobber 

The Coachella bloggers filled my Instagram and twitter feed last weekend, leaving me practically suffocated by palm trees, swimming pools and sweaty rock bands. I'm not complaining, I'm all for a good festival, especially one with celebs, bloggers and vloggers galore gracing the desert in for life and lemons, the current favourite label of stylistas and hipsters alike. The range basically comprises of totally impractical yet fabulous dresses, two pieces and lace tops that hide as little of your bod as humanly possible. skin tight and perfect with a tan, these printed beauties are top of my wish list, regardless of the fact they'd definitely do nothing for my lady lumps. 

Leather everything 

I'm not talking agent provocateur, don't worry, but I've got serious style envy of the blogging elite in their butter soft leather pieces. Even though I've got my own cheap and cheerful versions, boy it just ain't the real thing. I'd kill for a cream leather mini skirt, but then again, my life definitely doesn't call for one. Worn in the day, I'd look overdressed for the library, constantly changing seats to stop creases, worn at night, it wouldn't make it through the evening without someone spilling Jaegermeister down it. So kids, the moral of this story is, you can't own pretty things until the rest of your life is perfected, minimalist decor n'all. Unfortunately, I don't think I could ever do 'minimalist', it might be a little unnatural, so I'll sacrifice my leather lovelies in exchange for PVC versions and hope that after a few glasses of wine, I won't notice the difference. 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sportswear chic for Spring

Tshirt: Adidas// Jeans: Topshop
Trainers: Nike//Leather Rucksack: vintage
For a suitably casual Saturday I opted for a simple take on the sportswear trend which has stubbornly refused to budge since SS 12. Even if you're a fan of the more traditional, feminine look, I'm afraid to tell you that simple shapes, masculine accessories and trainers *gasp* are here to stay. I've not donned a pair of trainers for casual wear (excluding Converse of course) since my neon trainers, which doubled as football boots for a day at the park. Those days, thankfully, are long gone, however I could not resist these trainers, initially bought for netball, but not the permanent home for my feet. Supportive, stylish and light as a feather, they have changed my whole perception of footwear. I promise I've not turned into an OAP overnight but hey, who says we have to wear uncomfortable shoes day in day out?! I am a big believer in stuffing my size seven soles into a variety of shoes in the hope that one day they'll appear dainty and when shoe shopping, "they'll stretch" is always on the tip of my tongue. Now I'm a trainer convert. No, this doesn't mean I'll be ditching my array of more feminine footwear anytime soon, in fact I've just bought some army green stilettos with heels to kill, but think about it, no bloke would buy a pair of uncomfortable shoes, so why should women ALWAYS opt for the most impractical in the shop? My Adidas v-neck is another more masculine purchase, I promise I'm gradually introducing a little more colour to my otherwise grey day-to-day wardrobe, but I couldn't resist this top which reminds me of the old England kits of the '80s. Paired with my good old ankle grazers from Topshop, I think my look is casual enough to wear during the week, without looking like I'm off to the gym! Accessorized with my denim jacket and leather rucksack, I'm also ticking off the double denim trend, another stubborn style, and the penchant for travelling chic this season.

I've been buying a few little feminine pieces this week, so the next outfit I share with you will be more colourful I promise!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

I bought some bits...

Dress: H&M// Shoes: Nike//Shirt: Adidas
It's been five months since I updated this blog and I have to admit that time has truly flown. The dissertation I was researching in November has now been written, and all that's left is a month of exams before my University days are over. I was always incredibly cynical about Uni, with older friends and adults always promising me, with a nostalgic twinkle in their eye, that it would be 'the best years of my life.' So it's over. My three years of gluttonous self-discovery and selfish academic study are at an end. So that's it? That's as good as life gets? Don't get me wrong, Uni has been incredible and definitely the best years of my life SO FAR. Does this mean that any happy encounter that happens after I leave the bubble of student life behind just won't compare? I'm sure a lazy Sunday by the river with a cold lager and close friends is as good at 31 as it is at 21.

I'm hoping that this big change will bring new experiences and opportunities, the first of these being my new job which I start mid-July. I'm going into advertising dahling. Yep, suited and booted, I shall be part of the mad, Mad Men style Marketing, PR and Advertising realm. 'You've sold your soul to the corporate giants!' one of my particularly eccentric friends proclaimed. No, these days the industry is young, vibrant and friendly. Jeans and silk shirts have replaced power suits, 'fun' is a buzzword and 'creatives' are actually allowed to be creative. I'll be working in Manchester, which is exciting and although initially I'll be commuting from Cheshire, I keep telling myself that eventually I'll fly the nest and settle in a flat near the Northern Quarter, so I can pop into North Tea Power for a Masala Chai on my way into work.

So that's me and what's changed in the last few months. Again, I'm sorry for leaving you so long, but sometimes work really has to come first. I also can't promise that I'll be around for long this term, with exams on the horizon it's difficult to find the time to blog. However, I do promise that once Uni is finished, I'll be back with regular posts and better quality pictures (I hope) so do tag along for the ride.

Fashion-wise, there's been a lot of changes and, after a friend of mine suggested that my wardrobe was a mix of black, black and more black, I'm making a conscious effort to wear more colour.

Starting tomorrow. Unfortunately, ignoring that nagging voice in the back of my mind, I invested in some more navy/monochrome pieces to add to the racks, rails and shelves housing the rest of my navy/monochrome wardrobe. Let's start with the shoes. I needed new trainers for netball and these beauties from Nike were versatile enough to wear on and off the pitch. They're the 2.0 running shoes and they are so light that one day I'm sure they'll float away. Having flat feet means that it's hard to find comfy shoes, but since buying my Nike's in early March, I've not had them off my feet. Teamed with jeans for a denim on denim look, or with leggings and a graphic tee, they are definitely my wardrobe's new best friend.

The gorgeous cut-out dress was a £5 bargain from H&M in their glorious sale. The material is non-crease which makes it easy to wear and wash and the skater-style skirt and low cut top is flattering on any figure. Maybe a little too short for even the hottest summer day, but paired with an over-sized shirt and some trainers, I'm sure it'll be just fine for July.

Although it's brand new, the shirt is a charity shop bargain costing me a measly £3. I am a sucker for vintage styles and Adidas' re-launch of their Stan Smiths has put the brand back on the fashion map. The v-neck and flattering cut of this t-shirt means I'll be wearing it on campus all season through.
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